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Ashby Canal Association

The Ashby Canal Association was formed in 1966, born out of concern caused by progressive closure of the northern 8 miles due to mining subsidence. The ACA is now actively promoting their restoration and re-connection to the navigable canal and to the restored Moira section.

Moira Furnace

Moira Furnace is one of the best examples of an early 19th Century iron-making blast furnace anywhere in Europe. It was built in 1804 by Francis Rawdon Hastings, the Earl of Moira, to exploit the wealth of coal and iron ore in the area.


The award winning attraction at The Heart of the National Forest, a unique mix of indoor and outdoor experiences to keep you and your family engaged for hours. Five miles from Junction 11 on the M42.

The Inland Waterways

Association The IWA promotes the conservation use maintenance and development of the inland waterways of the British Isles through lobbying, consultation, giving advice, organising and providing manpower for projects, fund raising and giving financial aid.