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Grant award for new Ashby Canal Trail from Snarestone to Measham.

The Inland Waterways Association has announced the award of 10,000 to a joint venture between the Trust and the Ashby Canal Association for the creation of a footpath, as part of its 'Waterways in Progress' project. They were particularly looking for projects which could start soon and make a noticeable difference. The award pot was a total of 100,000, so they were not looking for long lengths of canal but something with a specific use. Specific impacts they were looking for included regeneration benefits, health and creating community spaces.

The path will follow the new approved route for the canal, providing safe off-road access between Snarestone and Measham, with only one road crossing. It will be built to good public footpath standard, stile free and suitable for most people of average ability The grant money will be used to employ a contractor to do most of the groundwork, with volunteers helping with site clearance, signing, and minor surfacing (particularly on the length of towing path north of Snarestone).

Ashby Canal Trust and Ashby Canal Association will split the costs above 10,000. A guide to the walk will be produced, for which we have a sponsor, and other sponsors are welcomed.

Some works will be carried out during the spring and summer, but the main contract will not be let until September, which will be outside the bird nesting season, and when we hope the ground will have dried out!

28 applications for the award were submitted, to a total bid value of 1.1 million, with 7 shortlisted.